Art and nature have always been my passion. As a child, I loved to explore the flora and fauna in the gardens, wooded areas and beaches near our home in Southern California.

My mother would say,"Show me what you saw today"..... I would then pick up my crayons and go to work.

I chose to become a landscape architect because it seemed to be a profession where I could be close to nature and to use my artists abilities to create beautiful gardens. It came natural to me to use watercolours to develop my conceptual planting designs.

From painting to painting I feel closer to nature and I hear the words from my mother, "show me what you saw today".... and I pick up my paints and go to work.

"Zona's skilled composition of colour and light makes her art so beautiful, alive and full of energy. It´s a different way to describe the Swedish landscape and nature that I have never seen before"

- Helena Jacobsson, Stockholm